Sriracha Honey Wings

Sriracha Honey Wings

I don’t know about you, but my interest in the Super Bowl is limited to what kind of treats I can indulge in. Usually I’m not even sure what teams are playing, but I definitely know where the snack table is located! And a platter piled high with sticky, sweet, and spicy glazed chicken wings would be my first stop.

Wings- the Answer To Your Problems

I admit, I have a weakness for wings. The skin to meat ratio is perfect! If I’m being honest, this fondness for wings might have originated from one tragic night, many years ago, when I started to pick at the crispy skin of a roast chicken but somehow, I ended up peeling off and scarfing down every pickable piece. To make matters worse, I couldn’t even hide my shame, since I didn’t have time to cook anything else, and was forced to serve a mostly naked bird for dinner.

The lesson here people is to own your weaknesses. And rather that continuing to serve naked birds, I have moved on. Wings have given me a way out. Now no one ever knows whether I’ve had a snack or two… And if you have found yourself picking at the roast chicken before the platter hits the dining room table, maybe you should be moving on. Wings can be your salvation.

These Sriracha Honey Wings are a game day showstopper: perfectly balanced between spicy and sweet. And their incredible flavor relies on just a few pantry staples, making this a really easy recipe to have on hand. Make these once, and I guarantee they will quickly become a favorite.

sriracha honey wings

Marinate For The Win!

Marinades are truly a busy cook’s MVP. Not only do they allow you to stagger the workload, but they also tenderize the meat and penetrate it with deep flavor. And the marinade for Sriracha Honey Wings pulls double duty as the sauce used to glaze the wings. Just mix up some of my fave pantry items and your marinade is ready. Mirin adds a delicate sweetness, soy sauce brings umami depth, sesame oil for toasty nuttiness, and of course Sriracha for the heat. Finally the honey makes it all irresistibly glazed and sticky.


Let’s Get Cooking!

After the chicken wings have marinated overnight, pour the marinade into a sauce pan and bring to a simmer. As it heats a lot of scummy impurities will rise to the top. Scoop all of it out, you don’t want weird looking sludge on your gorgeously bronzed wings!  Once it’s all nice and clear, add the additional honey, and reduce until it becomes a syrupy glaze. It should coat the back of a spoon.


honey glaze wings


Now that you have a nice thick glaze, it’s time to roast the wings. I like to line my baking sheet with tinfoil to make cleanup a breeze.  Once the chicken is cooked through, brush on the glaze and put them under the broiler. Be careful, the sugar in the glaze can go from perfectly caramelized to burnt in a second.

sriracha honey wings roasting


broil sriracha honey wings


Sriracha Honey wings are so delightfully sweet and spicy, I can’t wait for you to try them! Super Bowl or Netflix Night, they are always a touchdown. Leave a comment down below to tell us what you think, rate the recipe, and of course tag us in your instapics @funkyasiankitchen–show us the goods!



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sriracha honey wings

Sriracha Honey Wings

  • Author: Funky Asian Kitchen


Perfectly spicy, sweet, sticky chicken wings!  Pile them high and enjoy on game day or any time you want juicy, delicious Asian spiced wings.




  • 2 large garlic cloves minced
  • 1 scallion chopped plus extra for garnish
  • 1 ½ tablespoons sesame oil
  • 3 tablespoons sriracha 
  • ¼ cup soy sauce
  • ¼ cup mirin
  • 3 tablespoons honey, divided

2 ½ pounds chicken wings



Marinate the Chicken:

  1. Combine the garlic, scallions, sesame oil, sriracha, soy sauce, mirin, and 2 tablespoons of honey in a large bowl or storage container. Mix well. 
  2. Put the wings into the bowl and pour the marinade over the wings. Marinate overnight.

To Cook the Wings:

  1. Pour off the marinade into a small pan and bring the marinade to a simmer over high heat. A lot of scum will float to the surface. Be ruthless and scoop it all off as it starts to rise. Lower the heat to medium high and reduce the sauce for 5-6 mins. until it is syrupy. You should have about a ½ cup in the pan. Add 1 tablespoon of honey and set aside.
  2. Place the wings on a baking sheet and roast at 400 for 30 mins. on the middle rack. You can either take the internal temperature (which should be 165) to check that they are cooked or split one open and look for clear running juices-not pink.
  3. Turn the oven to broil on low, baste the wings with the reduced marinade, and cook on the top shelf of the oven for a couple mins to caramelize.
  4. Sprinkle the wings with the reserved scallions and serve.

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