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My name is Kazu Abe, and I’m a Japanese American restaurateur living in sunny Miami. Do you love Asian food but find yourself uninspired by what comes out of your kitchen? Find yourself saying…something’s missing. Our mission is to make restaurant quality Asian meals accessible to the home cook. By sharing streamlined techniques and authentic ingredients, we will help you create bold flavors with quick impressive meals.

Authentic flavor doesn’t have to mean hours over the stove-unless that’s your jam. Whether cooking for 300 eager diners or my own busy and hungry family, I know how to get amazing meals on the table in under an hour.


So here are some quick and delicious options for dinner tonight:
Chicken Teriyaki
Lemongrass Rice Salad
Wild Mushroom Salad


Are you worried about hard to source ingredients? Or not even sure what the ingredients look like when you get to a store? There are a set of basic ingredients we recommend having in your pantry and freezer. *Click here to see how to get started and use our pantry to help you demystify those items.

I’m excited to share the kind of delicious Asian foods that have made my restaurants a South Florida favorite for 20 years. From fish sauce to kimchi, Funky Asian Kitchen aims to demystify Asian cooking. It’s not just for takeout, peeps.


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